Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Swiss mountain magic

Switzerland is without a doubt quirky. And for that, I love it!

From their Hansel and Gretelesque gingerbread housing to promo graphics depicting hiking pigs, through to their bell-chiming cows and of course, yodelling.

It's all fabulous and completely my cup of chocolat chaud (hot chocolate).

Ever since my arrival, I have felt playful - like a wide-eyed child. You just can't help feeling joyful in this amazing place.

Perhaps this childlike wonder comes from being dwarfed by the spectacular mountains. There's something completely magical about the Swiss alps that words cannot do justice.

These towering majestic beauties are both humbling and empowering, they're calming yet uplifting, their presence can be felt even with your eyes closed. This is what I call Swiss mountain magic.

I've attempted to capture this awe on video, but alas it is only a mere sample of the overall wonderment. For your convenience, I've embedded the video below for blog visitors whereas email subscribers can click here to view (don't you just love how I do things for your convenience? I ought to be an informercial).

Until tomorrow, find the magic that has you feeling like a playful child.

Grace xx

PS. A big happy 40th birthday to my cousin Danni. We had many magical, playful-child moments growing up together.

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1 comment:

  1. Grace, absolutely cackled my self laughing!! Love your themed opening credits to Paris and now Switzerland complete with music. Love it! Your creativity knows no bounds!



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