Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday Quiz No.4 - Mega Clue

Seeing I'm travelling and Saturday Quiz No. 4 is still up for grabs... I thought I'd give you a few more clues... in fact, it's a MEGA clue:
  1. It is one word, though it can sound like a 3-word statement said quickly
  2. The word is made up of 4 syllables
  3. The first syllable is the name of a famous a Scottish Loch (aka 'lock')
  4. The third syllable is depicted in the picture
  5. It is essential
Good luck!

Until Monday, have a chilled out Sunday.

Grace xx

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  1. OHHHH- necessary- I get it!- jees, any slower and you'd have to water me 3 times a day :)

  2. MtbSkillsCoachPat10 July 2010 at 05:48

    Yay Jaala. Your top of the class ;-)

  3. lol. your quizis

    love sam. xoxo


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