Tuesday, 13 July 2010

G'day Mussels!

Hello gorgeous people.

After travelling over 3,000km in the south of France, we managed to compress ten days worth of itinerary into six.

We are stuffed. Although that might have had more to do with our last lunch stop than the journey. Or perhaps a little of both.

As we walked through the picturesque UNESCO heritage listed wine village of St. Emilion, we could see people tucking into giant black cauldrons overflowing with Moules Marinière (black mussels swimming in a delicious warm soup of white wine, garlic and a dash of cream - glorious!).

The last time Patrick and I shared this experience together was five years ago in Paris and we've fantasised about it ever since.

Pat was 'unfaithful' in his last trips to France and indulged without me (very jealous). We'd talked about doing it again however our restricted time schedule proved too demanding to indulge.

I questioned the authenticity of eating moules in St. Emilion seeing it's not exactly on the water. Yet in this stunningly beautiful village, we found it impossible to resist the intoxicating aromas. I convinced myself that being less than 100km from the ocean was a near enough and we sat down to succumb to the overwhelming temptation.

Verdict? To die for.

This culinary triumph was washed down with a glass of St. Emilion, which I wouldn't ordinarily marry the two together. Red wine and seafood is often considered a 'no no', yet I continued to breach wine and food etiquette in favour of what I really wanted.

It takes courage to go against the grain. Even at a restaurant. Ordering dessert before mains (Pat), coffee with your cheese (Pat's dad), red wine with seafood when you're 100km from the water (me). However sometimes you have to flex your muscles and choose what you want, despite it being 'wrong'.

We had a delicious lunch and a memorable day... and I have little regard for what the waiter had to say.

Until tomorrow, be brave and flex your muscles - choose what you want!

Grace xx

ps. The title of this blog is what Patrick often says when I get home from the gym. It's a cute pet greeting and I thought it appropriate.

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  1. Chanelkathleen13 July 2010 at 16:13

    oh you make me HUNGRY! and you're so great- LOVED your last post, it is rather daunting to speak a 2nd language to the natives, but i know you'd be VERY endearing to anyone!


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