Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Adventure Starts NOW!

Just in case you thought all this talk about doing a reconnaissance for a tour was just a bit of jibber-jabber to ease your envy of our exploits in the South of France...

I took this self portrait of me in my uniform - avec name tag.

Yes, it is true. All this fun was for a greater cause. I did it all to share with a group of fabulous Kiwis who are as excited about being here as we are.

The next 12-days are going to be action packed with a combination of guiding, administration and strategic planning and I am uncertain how much time I'll have to give you a decent post.

I can promise you I will make every effort to give you at least something - no matter how small. I have also promised myself to be in bed no later than 2am so I am fresh for my 6am rising.

Tonight I welcomed clients in Voiron, near Grenoble. Tomorrow we spend in Valence before seeing our first Tour de France stage finish (woohoo!). Then we head to Montpellier for the night.

Until tomorrow, remember that life ebbs and flows - and I'm at high tide.

Grace xx

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