Monday, 5 July 2010

Milder Dick-Jogurt

One thing I love about travelling is discovering all the little nuances in languages.

Everything from funny road signs to a-la-carte menu items, there are words to be learned (if not chuckled at) all around.

My last night in Germany culminated in an apres-concert dinner. It was a farewell to those leaving the Darmstadt Staatsoper company and a 'woohoo, it's summer holidays' for the remainder of the performers.

As I sat down to peruse the menu, I noticed a rather interesting dessert. Milder Dick-Jogurt (the Germans pronounce 'j' as 'y' for example 'ja' is pronounced 'ya').

"Hmmmm... " I wondered what Dick Yoghurt was, and what made it milder (obviously NOT asparagus).

Unable to contain my amusement, I chuckled aloud and photographed the menu for your delight.

I learned that 'dick' means 'thick' and so the yoghurt in question had nothing to do with the male anatomy and all to do with its consistency.

Until tomorrow, celebrate international nuances by realising that there ought be no barriers to humour and laughter. It unites us all, irrespective of language.

Grace xx

PS. Congratulations Germany to your 4 - nil win over Argentina at this year's soccer World Cup. You guys sure know how to celebrate. I've never seen live car-surfing before. Makes my couch-surfing look positively lame.

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