Friday, 2 July 2010

Hi Jacked

Tonight I have Hi Jacked Grace's blog.

Why have I Hi Jacked my own wife's blog I hear you ask?

Well, the short version is that Grace, as you already know is in Coburg Germany.

So I thought it might be a good time for me to get in on this blogging thingy and hi jack Grace's blog prior to her coming on line to do a post apres Opera.

Yep you heard right. Grace is off for more cultural adventures this evening in the beautiful town of Coburg in Germany to watch 'Top Gun Tenor' Garrie Davis Lim. Toi Toi Toi Gaz ;-)

Right nuff of that.

What have I been up to the past few days I hear you ask?

Well, I am glad you asked. Because I have been in the north west of Switzerland in Grenchen. For those of you that don't know Grenchen is famous for a few things, but mostly famous for the watches that come out of this region. Think of an exclusive watch brand made in Switzerland and it's probably made here. Think Rolex, Tissot, Breitling and many many more.

The other thing this area is famous for is bikes and component manufacturing. Yep you heard right they still make stuff up here in Switzerland and are exceptionally proud of what they make.

We have been at the launch of the BMC bikes 2011 range release these past few days. It has been an educational, informative and fun few days. Yesterday we watched the brand new process that BMC uses to make carbon fibre bikes, raced go carts with 30 other journalist from all parts of the world and met a very inspirational guy called Andy Rees.

Andy just happens to one of those inspirational serial entrepreneur types who has his finger in so many pie's it is incredible. Everything from vineyards, Phonak hearing aids and BMC bikes to name a few. BMC is the race team that Cadel Evans will race for in the tour de france which starts tomorrow in Rotterdam.

Until tomorrow.

I trust you find the serial entrepreneur in yourself today ;-)

Go Cadel

Big Love


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  1. Fabulous Patrick - THANK YOU!!!

    Just got back from Coburg and we (Garrie, Margaret and I) are all reading your hijack post - fabulous.

    I take it that's the squillion dollar bike I'm to look out for on our Mastercard bill?

    Love you all the world,
    Grace xxooxx

  2. Grace came all the way home to Coburg to go to the Opera????

  3. There is a Coburg in Germany... and I have travelled there especially from Australia to see an opera... though not the other way around.


  4. Nice one PaT, it's good to see that you have the poise, class and dedication to your wife's cause in helping her keep the blog going.
    I hope that Garrie was the cat's pj's in the opera and keep the European Cultural Experience rolling on.
    Viva El Cadel

  5. hey Pat, good to hear from you : ) have you scoffed down any almond croissants for moi yet?

    Grace, would there be any chance to post some audio of Garrie's operatic voice on your blog?


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