Friday, 8 October 2010

Funeral, Friends and Fairies

What a bizarre day I've had.

I woke up this morning rushing to get ready for a funeral. My late Nonno (grandfather)'s sister passed away earlier this week and today we said good bye.

As soon as I returned home, it was a quick change to pick up my friend and her gorgeous 6 year old daughter for a girlie fun night in (Patrick is in Canberra for a world MTB event).

Then, after making strawberry gelato for dessert, it was fairy wings and imaginary happenings as my little friend played with tomorrow's costume - I'm dressing up as a fairy for my niece (and goddaughter)'s third birthday.

I am feeling so much better within. It's amazing how funerals, friends and fairies make you appreciate the magic in life.

Until tomorrow, let sparkly magic liven up your day - even if it starts at death's door.

Grace xx

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