Friday, 1 October 2010

Grace is currently out of the office painting her nails

Grace is currently out of the office painting her nails in preparation for her baby brother Peter's wedding tomorrow. As Member of the opposite gender, I have watched with great interest over the last week as Grace prepares her outfit and plumage for the big day.

Today a quick trip into the Melbourne CBD to Tiffany & Co highlighted even more how the female species are drawn to bright shiny objects. I observed in amazement as numerous girls handed over the plastic in exchange for an aqua bag laden with goodies. After observing this unusual ritual at close hand, I now consider myself the expert of the day on such matters & have some advice for young players.

Guys listen up. If you want to make a girl feel special, then arm yourself with previously mentioned aqua bag with goodies inside for your girl's next special day. It is a sure fire way to keep the woman in your life happy until the next occasion a shiny object for celebration is required.

Until next time I hijack Grace's blog, embrace the occasions that require new shiny objects.
Bon Nuit
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