Monday, 27 December 2010

Walking in water

Mum and I went for a walk along the beach straight after dinner this evening. We fought off temptation to retire to the couch for some well-earned potato inaction. Instead, we headed out the door.

We didn't have far to go before reaching the shore and swiftly kicking off our flip flops. We let the cool water wash over our feet as we engaged in conversations destined to solve the world's problems. It was delightful.

As we walked side by side, I couldn't help but notice my heightened senses. The sound of the waves lapping, the smell of the the salty sea air, the feel of sand between my toes and the wind playing with my hair. All these glorious sensations as I connected with my beautiful, sensitive, funny, loving, generous and nurturing mother, transported me to a place of pure bliss.

I love these magnificent moments. It's like walking-talking meditation where time performs a magic trick; it stands still, yet passes quickly. How does it do that? Oh yeah, it's magic.

Mum and I returned home feeling refreshed, and revived. It's these magical moments where we are fully present that rejuvenate us.

Then I had a light globe moment - such magic doesn't just happen, we create it.

Mum and I could have chosen recuperation by spending our evening gazing at the television. Instead, we chose rejuvenation by investing our time on the beach, with each other and walking in water.

As time goes on, I know I'll remember and treasure tonight's walk more than any Hollywood blockbuster Foxtel could offer. I'm glad we created magic.

Until tomorrow, invest your time in rejuvenation by creating your own magic moments.

Grace xx

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