Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Out on the town

Tonight we were invited to an exclusive event hosted by master blogger Wade Wallace of Cycling Tips. The event was held at ACMI in Federation Square where a series of short films were presented by Rapha, a deluxe brand of cycling apparel.

The films were great, but it was Wade that shone in my eyes.

Wade is such an inspiration to an aspiring bloggess like your's truly. After starting Cycling Tips around two years ago, he is now highly sought after and his blog is his full time job.

Wade's site has the support of great sponsors and is the epicenter of a worldwide cycling community with over a million hits a month. Yet he is humble, humorous and an absolute joy to be around.

As we walked to our respective cars after a post-event dinner, I couldn't help but marvel at Wade's success. In short, he is my hero and my inspiration. So much so, that I am sitting here nigh on midnight tapping away with one finger on my iPhone to bring you a post that was supposed to be about my night on the town, and has turned into a tribute to the great man.

I suppose this photo of me taken just minutes before I climbed into the car is completely out of context now... other than the fact that Wade said I looked nice (thanks Wade).

Until tomorrow, let conversations take you where you hadn't planned and enjoy the detour. Much like a good road trip.

Grace xx

PS. Just got home and thought you might like to see this post Wade did about the time we hung out in Switzerland (as you do). He and Pat went for this crazy bike ride along a cliff face (as they do). Check it out by clicking this link. Oh, and make sure you watch the video at the bottom. Crazy!
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