Monday, 20 December 2010

Cemetery Junction

Occasionally I'll see a film that I completely fall in love with. They're usually ones that have me feeling good, without it being too cheesy. A bit like a good salad.

Tonight we watched a British film called Cemetery Junction. If you Google reviews you'll read two opposing opinions (isn't that the case with most films?). I sided with those that loved the movie.

Despite what other's say, I always think it's important to sample things for yourself - just like food and wine. Taste it and make your own judgements.

Patrick and I were left feeling warmed. We enjoyed the cinematography, the 1973 setting and felt the balance between belly laughs and touching moments was just right. We are just about to climb into bed now and are both feeling uplifted. Isn't that a nice way to end the day? (especially one that's been wet and cold).

Until tomorrow, ensure that you sample life's offerings and make your own mind up.

Grace xx
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