Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Today we bid farewell to yesterday's interstate guests and welcomed an international couch surfer from Italy. Luciano is a delightful fellow who is here to explore Australia whilst improving his English.

Our conversations have hit several stumbling blocks, often prompting to us to reach for the nearest translation tool. On one occasion, Lucio (as he'd rather be called) grabbed his copy of 'Tutto Inglese' (I'll let you Google translate that one) and as I flicked through the pages I came across this word; lackadaisical.

To my memory, I've never heard it. Ever.

Patrick on the other hand, was familiar with the term. He joyfully stroked his feathers (in his cap) as he waltzed to his laptop in order to give me a more articulate definition:

lackadaisical |ˈlakəˈdeɪzɪk(ə)l|


lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy : a lackadaisical attempt at sun bathing in the Himalayas, saw Grace lying flat on her back whilst fully robed (amazing - it really said that! - okay, it really didn't).

I have very quickly become fond of this word. Not so much for what it means, but for the way it sounds and how it feels to say it. Lackadaisical.

Just when you think that an Italian couch surfer couldn't introduce you to a new English word, Tutto Inglese would prove you otherwise... and THAT'S what I love about sharing conversations with those that are learning your language, or you learning theirs.

Until tomorrow, don't be too lackadaisical to learn new words - even if it means having challenging inter-language conversations.

Grace xx

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  1. This word is defines my 18 year old son at the moment.


  2. This word defines my 18 year old son at the moment.



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