Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cherry on top

A few days ago I came across this quad-cherry. Doubles and triples are common, but a quad - when have you ever seen such a thing?

So I left it out to photograph under strict orders that it not be eaten until I did so.

My current schedule meant that the cherries were out longer than necessary and consequently went a bit soft, thus resulting in a less than 'wow' photo.

This got me thinking...

Sometimes we have to take opportunities as they present themselves, for delaying it could mean passing up the optimum moment. If we wait any longer, we could miss it all together.

Taking action promptly may mean that we not only get to 'have the cake and eat it too', but we also get a bite at the cherry on top.

Until tomorrow, don't wait for the second bite of the cherry for it may not come around twice.

Grace xx

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