Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Sicilian Girl

Before you start thinking that this space is transforming into a movie review site, it's not. Let's just say there are only three sleeps till Christmas and my days have been full to the brim. So busy in fact, that I haven't called my mother in three days! (sorry Mum, I'll buzz you tomorrow).

I'm also immersing myself in the preparation for my dream endurance event, which means training six days a week and doing the groundwork in setting up the 'goal getters group' at my gym. This has left me all but completely spent by the time evening falls upon us (BTW I have filmed a number of in-action videos, which I plan to upload on YouTube this year - so stay tuned, there aren't too many days left).

This year's Christmas build-up has been quite different to most. The persistent rain and unbelievably cold weather has made the traditional Aussie BBQ seem as inviting as going skinny dipping in Antarctica. Needless to say, crap weather and fatigue has led to me spending several evenings zoning out in the lounge room giving our DVD player a good workout (much like my legs).

Tonight's movie, The Sicilian Girl, is based on a true story. I won't tell you too much other than it's about a young girl's vendetta against the Mafia, and is well worth the read (that is, if you can't understand Italian dialogue). What I loved most about this film is that Rita, the main (and real life) character discovered the difference between revenge and justice. What also struck me was her unwavering commitment, despite her young age. Very powerful and utterly moving.

Until tomorrow, seek sanctuary from the silly season and shelter from the rain by reading a good foreign DVD.

Grace xx

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