Friday, 17 December 2010

Things are in the pipeline

You've probably guessed that I've had a fair bit on my plate if you were to judge by my last few posts. Not wanting to abandon my blog when times get busy, I thought a simple photo with a little blurb is enough to know that I am still committed to this project. It's just my way to say "I'm not abandoning you". By 'you' I mean you the reader, me in the mirror and my blog personified.

As for what's been keeping me busy, I am delighted to say that I have a few things in the pipeline - all of which are terribly exciting.

Firstly, I approached the owners of my gym and proposed that I run a women's 'fitness support group' for want of a better term (I've got my marketing cap on to come up with a more apt and inspiring term). The idea is to run weekly meetings where I start by sharing my journey and what I've learned. Then I'll invite others to share their stories, triumphs and tribulations. The objective is to create a supportive, informative and inspiring environment for women to strive for and achieve their fitness goals, which I hope will extend to their life goals.

Secondly, I've been actively practicing a number of Thermomix recipes in preparation for officially launching my Thermomix Queen Blog and YouTube Channel in 2011. The objective is to provide delicious, educational and inspiring recipes and tips for those who own or aspire to own a Thermomix.

Since becoming a consultant a few weeks ago, I have fallen into deeper love with my Thermomix. In the name of research and development, I have ventured into fields I have long been afraid of. I have become the Nigella of my own kitchen and have been whipping up bread, the best home made ice cream (OMG to die for), whole egg mayonnaise, real choc-orange custard and today I made my first ever chocolate mousse (divine).

Don't panic, I've been using low GI sugar to minimise the impact on my insulin levels - very cool and let's be honest, empowering.

I've also been answering a number of couch-surfing requests, which has been so fascinating. People from all around the world wanting to sleep on my couch. We have a few in the pipeline with an Italian Stallion, a French Femme Fatale and a very cool Aussie couple who read my blog, so a big g'day to them!

There are also a lot of other little things on the go, too many to mention - but all exciting and potentially opening new doors. I'll let you know if any of them open. I'm also getting closer to making the phone call I've avoided for over two years. My fear of the word 'no' has prevented me from taking the step. But with my confidence rising, I'm feeling that I'm getting ready to take the plunge and dial the number that could potentially turn my lyrics into a No.1 dance hit.

Jaala, I know you'll be happy about that - I'm getting closer.

So now you're up to date.

Saturday Quiz No.11 is still up for grabs. Garrie has left a really good clue. Have a go. The prize is VIP tickets to my song launch. Yep, that song is really going to happen - just haven't set the date yet.

Until tomorrow, keep working away at things and add them in your pipeline.

Grace xx

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  1. YAY YAY YAAAAY!!! Pick up the phone!!! XXXXOOOOXXXX


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