Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Organising life

Why does the process of organising anything worthwhile take sooooooo much longer than we ever thought it would?

And when we're in the midst of our organising frenzy, why does it always look much worse than before we started?

What about when day goes into night, we don't seem any closer to the end and we cannot bear the sight of it any longer - how do we stay motivated to finish the job?

I'm well experienced to know that if I don't see it through till the end right now, it could take MONTHS before I get back to it - and that could lead to more clutter and chaos than my brain can handle.

Well, I am right smack bang in the middle of organising three trillion documents, check lists, brochures, leaflets and forms care of Thermomix. OMG!

I keep thinking I've only got an hour to go, and have had those thoughts for over five hours. Scary.

So it's short and sweet from me tonight and back to the pile of paper ahead. It's not all bad though, there's a sense of satisfaction each time I make, find, borrow or steal a home for each piece of sacrificed tree (so much for a paperless society).

Until tomorrow, remember that if you're not organising, you're disorganising.

Grace xx

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