Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dinner for one

There's something liberating about going out for dinner on your own.

Patrick was called into work this afternoon and I attended our evening appointment with our health care practitioner solo.

I took advantage of the situation and visited my brother's family on my way home. After a quick cup of tea, I took a further detour and stopped by Andy's Yum Cha in Essendon.

This fabulous establishment was founded by one of the chefs that worked at Melbourne's top Chinese restaurant, The Flower Drum. It's the closest thing I have to a 'local' and is only 12 minutes from home.

I decided to dine on one of my FAVOURITE dishes of all time, minced prawns on silken tofu. To die for.

I am now chewing on my greens as I wait for the delicious dish to arrive.

I am comfortable in my skin. I don't feel the need to explain myself by carrying a sign that says 'I have friends, I just like my own company'.


Until next time, enjoy solo moments.

Grace xx

ps. Below is my favourite dish of all time. OMG - Amazing!

1 comment:

  1. porn. Are you trying to torture this poor Aussie who is exiled to do this asian-food wasteland? What a boon that a top Chinese-food Chef decides to open in your neck of the woods. Guten Appetit!


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