Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Life begins...

I had a wonderful day and a superb evening celebrating 40 years of life.

I've been on a roller coaster ride these last few weeks and I'm now on the way home (literally typing in the car), where I anticipate getting off (the roller coaster).

It feels premature to end Project Grace 2010 today. I still have so much to say, so many insights and so many acknowledgements to make. So while the official project is finished, I am going to take the liberty to take the time to communicate everything I want and need. Let's just say I'll be making up for all the posts I missed out on.

Until tomorrow take liberties to finish off any incomplete business.

Grace xx

ps. This photo is a self portrait of me in the car on the way home after a day of celebration. I'm wearing my fabulous Desigual coat, which is an amazing piece of artistic attire that I first saw in Galleries Lafayette, Paris, for 500 Euros. I thought it was a bit too extravagant for this fledgling author and soon gave up on the idea of owning it (despite fantasising about it for over a month). After unexpectedly finding myself in Penang (due to my failed attempt to visit India), I stumbled across the same coat on sale in a department store (yes, it is an original). All along I thought this technicolour dreamcoat would make a great 40th birthday present to myself though the price had me give up on the idea. However after seeing the price tag reduced by 75%, it was time to bring it home. So here I am on my 40th birthday wearing my dream coat, and it got me thinking... isn't my life supposed to begin today? According to popular culture, the answer is 'yes'. So I will take a further liberty and call this gorgeous piece my birth-day suit.


  1. I love that coat! Not to mention the photo of you as a whole - you just look fabulous. Your eyes are positively shining! Amazing what happens when you can shed a few old layers, good on you Grace. And I'm glad you're not stopping your blog either, it's great to be able to continue your journey with you!

  2. Great photo Grace!

    You look all shiny and new!



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