Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Not so alien after all

Firstly, a great big thank you to all the comments, emails and personal messages after yesterday's comeback post.

It was such a big realisation for me to learn just how much blogging has positively affected my life... and a bigger realisation to discover how much it also touches yours. Very humbling.

I'd love this space to become more interactive and perhaps I can respond to things that you might be interested in knowing about me, my life, what I've learned, what amuses me, humbles me, scares me, annoys me, uplifts me and empowers me (you get my drift).

You might want to ask questions about how I've managed to cope will all the dung AND confetti that life has flung at me. Best experiences. Worst experiences. Travel. Health. Fertility. Anxiety. Depression. Self esteem. Weight issues. Grief. Bigamy (yes you read correctly, bigamy). The list is endless. Whatever you want to know, just ask.

I think if you and I sit down to a virtual cup of coffee, or a smoothie, we'll probably discover that we're not so alien after all.

Until tomorrow, let's start a conversation.

Grace xx

ps. The photo was taken 9 days ago when I went on a Sunday date with my 5 & 11/12th year old nephew. Yes I know it should be 'were here', but there's something nostalgic about writing 'was here'... so that's why I did it at the risk of having taught my nephew poor grammar - tut tut tut.

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