Saturday, 25 September 2010

Saturday Quiz No.9

It's been a while since the last Saturday quiz and today we have to keep it simple. I'm still in Melrose with no internet connection other than my iPhone 4.

So without any images today's quiz relates to today's AFL (Australian Rules Football) Grand Final that ended in a draw and requires a rematch next week.

Today's question is: When was the last time this happened?

Bonus questions: Who were the two teams? And what was the final result?

As for the winner of Saturday Quiz No.8's double delight, that would be recent birthday boy Garrie AKA Top Gun Tenor. Gaz guessed correctly and has one a virtual jacuzzi which can be enjoyed in the blink of an eye anywhere anytime.

Until Monday have a grand Sunday.

Grace xx


  1. hey grace!
    sorry its been SO long. i love your one word posts- very intriguing. and it freaks me out that you're having spring as we are having fall! my tiny brain has a hard time wrapping itself around that- but for fun having a SUMMER christmas! Have we discussed this? I mean the whole snowmen at christmas probably doesn't resignate for Aussies huh?
    my daughter is in 2nd grade and learning about Australia- any insights she could share with her class? You'll have to email me- which is what I should have done with this LONG comment! love ya!!!

  2. Well that's an easy one for a Pies supporter such as myself! Amazingly this is the 2nd time we've tied...last time being 1977 when we lost to the Shinboners...hope we go one better next week, 20 years between flags is a long time!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, I loved your one word posts, and your last couple of days have hit the nail on the head perfectly. I love it when that happens!

    Jess xxx


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