Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Morning in Melrose

Melrose main street

Isn't amazing how a few days in a quaint country town can revive one's spirit and soothe a restless soul?

Since arriving here four days ago, I have gone from an uptight frustrated quasi iPhone user to a chilled out, happy-go-lucky bloggess.

Yes, I'm back... with gusto. Now I have this new technology under my wings, there's no stopping me - not even remote Australian country towns, or French hotels with crappy internet connections for that matter.

There's something empowering about persisting through difficult, upsetting and frustrating situations to reach a level of peace, tranquility and accomplishment. 

Despite wanting to give up on several occasions I kept pushing on, albeit reluctantly. Now I am glad that I did.

Interestingly, the same thing happened yesterday whilst out on a 12.2km (7.58mi) return hike to the summit of Mt. Remarkable. 

Striding alongside two gorgeous gazelles with legs up to their armpits and looking fitter than images of Bruce Lee, I felt completely out of my league. My heart just about leapt out of my mouth as we raced up the fist steep incline and I was ready to pull out. But I didn't. 


I made it to the summit in one piece and returned to base within 3.5hours (2 less than the estimated time and in keeping pace with the gazelles). Though admittedly, I did not return in the same condition I left. I was distracted by a cute bunch of kids and tripped over a rock, landing flat on my boobs. Consequently I have some very sore body parts and bloody battle wounds. Ouch.

Despite all that, I am completely chuffed with myself for enduring and completing such an achievement. While my body may be aching, my soul is soaring.

Until tomorrow, persist through your challenges and rise to the top... even if you do fall over in the process.

Grace xx
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