Thursday, 23 September 2010


Okay so I am in Adelaide without internet connection and relying on my new iPhone 4.

While I've had lots of fun learning and immersing myself into the world of 'aps', I must admit that I am somewhat frustrated that I cannot proceed with my blog the way I have become accustomed to.

Take for example the image. I cannot upload my own photos no matter how many times I've tried. I'm sure there is a way (and would greatly appreciate any tips), however I've gone past the point of inquisition and now I'm just annoyed.

Has the novelty worn off already? Or am I so settled on my ways that I resist change? Perhaps I am a creature of habit after all.

Tomorrow we head up north to the southern Flinders Ranges where the earth is russet and the sky a blazing blue. I endeavour to master this new device so I can delight you with amazing photos. In the meantime, please bear with me as I work this thing out.

Until tomorrow, persist in learning something new for if we are not expanding - we are contracting.

Grace xx
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