Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Sometimes I get so involved with what I'm doing that I barely come up for air, much less breakfast lunch or tea.

My skin becomes pale, the shadows under my eyes grow darker and I couldn't tell you what the weather is like outside.

I have no concept of time and can operate on as little as two hours sleep, night after night.

I become completely absorbed in the task at hand and nothing, or no one, can distract me. I am in a word, a hermit.

While I know this is not exactly healthy, I simply cannot tear myself away. This is where I am at right now and have been like this since Mission Defrostible, which took place three weeks ago.

Tomorrow this will change. I am leaving the confines of my four walls and heading to Adelaide for a week (Patrick is running MTB skills camps in Melrose, in the southern Flinders Ranges).

I have mixed feelings about this. While I'm looking forward to the fresh country air and reconnecting with loved ones, there's a part of me that just wants to continue with my mission to transform my living environment.

I am interested to see how this time away will impact my enthusiasm. Will it arrest the momentum or create a greater desire to finish off the job?

We will see.

Until tomorrow, be wary of spending too much time on your tasks at hand and be sure to come out of your confines to say peek-a-boo.

Grace xx

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